Collection: Magnetic Disc for Young Drivers & Accompanied Driving

Welcome to our online sales page for “ A young driver ” and “ accompanied driving ” magnetic discs for young drivers from Brittany , Vendée , Corsica , Alsace , Basque Country and other regions of France!

We are proud to offer you quality magnetic discs, made in Brittany and specially designed for young drivers who wish to show their attachment to their region of heart while respecting the law.

Our magnetic disc collection includes a variety of colorful and unique designs, which reflect the rich culture of each region. Whether you are Breton , Vendéen , Corsican , Alsatian , Basque or proud of your region of origin, we have the perfect magnetic disc for you!

Our magnetic discs are also a great gift idea for the young drivers in your family or friends. They are easy to install and remove, and are durable enough to withstand harsh weather and road conditions.

As a local business, we are proud to manufacture all our magnetic discs in Brittany , using top quality materials. We are committed to offering quality products, while respecting the environment and promoting the local economy.