Welcome to Saint-Malo, the corsair city!

Saint Malo Corsair City

Let's walk along the ramparts and admire the sea which stretches as far as the eye can see. Do you feel the spirit of adventure in the air? It is no coincidence that Saint-Malo is nicknamed the corsair city. Let me tell you the story of these daring men who left their mark on the soul of the city.

The golden age of privateers

From the 14th century, Saint-Malo established itself as an important port. Its sailors, skilled and courageous, were known for their bravery at sea. But faced with rivalries with England and Spain, the King of France found a daring solution: corsairs.

These sailors were both pirates and soldiers. Equipped with a “letter of travel” issued by the King, they were authorized to attack enemy ships, capture their cargoes and bring them back to Saint-Malo.

Heroes with a sulphurous reputation

The corsairs of Saint-Malo were feared figures on the seas. Names like René Duguay-Trouin and Robert Surcouf are still synonymous with daring and extraordinary exploits today.

These men were true heroes for the population. They brought back wealth which contributed to the prosperity of the city. But their reputation was also sulphurous, because they were often compared to pirates.

An omnipresent heritage

The legacy of the corsairs is still visible today in Saint-Malo. As you walk the streets of the walled city, you will notice the opulent houses built with riches brought from the sea.

Numerous museums and monuments trace the history of these extraordinary men. You can even board a privateer boat for an immersive experience!

So, why is Saint-Malo the corsair city?

Because its history is intimately linked to these courageous men who defied the seas and marked the imagination of entire generations. Their spirit of adventure and freedom continues to breathe through the city, making it a unique and fascinating destination.

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Saint-Malo, corsair city in Brittany