French law on license plate stickers?

In France, article R317-8 of the Highway Code stipulates that "license plates must not contain any ornaments or accessories." This means that adding stickers or any other type of ornament to a license plate is prohibited.

However, a tolerance is generally granted for stickers representing the logo of a French department or region. These stickers must follow certain rules, such as size and location on the license plate.

According to article R317-8-1 of the Highway Code, stickers representing the logo of a French department or region are authorized provided that they respect the following rules:

  • The logo must be placed in the upper left or right corner of the registration plate, outside the area reserved for registration numbers.
  • The logo must not cover the registration numbers or obstruct their reading.
  • The logo must not obscure the European blue stripe or any identification badges (crit'air, green stickers, etc.) placed on the plate.

It is important to note that adding stickers or ornaments to a number plate may be considered an offense and may result in a fine. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the rules regarding stickers on license plates.