The villa “Les Roches Brunes” in Dinard

The villa "Les Roches Brunes" is a historic villa located on the seaside promenade in Dinard, Brittany. It was built in 1898 for the famous French writer Anatole France.

The villa was designed in the style of seaside architecture of the time, with Art Nouveau elements. It is located on sloping ground and is built of local pink granite stone.

The villa "Les Roches Brunes" was used as a summer residence by Anatole France until his death in 1924. It was then purchased by an American family who used it as a summer residence until the Second World War. During the war the villa was used as a military hospital.

After the war, the villa "Les Roches Brunes" was purchased by the city of Dinard and is today used as a cultural center. The villa was classified as a historic monument in 1975 and was completely restored in 2015. It now hosts exhibitions, conferences and other cultural events. The villa is also open to the public for guided tours.

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