The Breton Hermine

The Breton ermine is an emblematic symbol of Brittany. This little white weasel has a rich and fascinating history that dates back centuries.

According to legend, the Breton ermine has been associated with the Breton nobility since the 14th century, when John IV, Duke of Brittany, chose it as his personal emblem. He said that during a hunt, he had seen an ermine take refuge in a bouquet of flowers to escape its dogs. Rather than kill her, the Duke preferred to let her go and adopted the animal as the symbol of his crown.

Over time, the ermine has become a symbol of Brittany as a whole. The Dukes of Brittany used ermine on their banners and coats of arms. Breton princes wore ermine furs during official ceremonies. Over the centuries, the ermine has become an emblem of the region and has become an essential element of Breton culture.

Today, the Breton ermine is still a strong symbol of Brittany, present on the flags, logos and coats of arms of the region. It is also used as an emblem by many Breton sports clubs and associations.

The ermine is a symbol of pride for the Bretons, who recognize themselves in it and in its history. The white marten embodies the values ​​of nobility, courage and resilience which have always been important to the inhabitants of Brittany.

In summary, the story of the Breton ermine is that of a small animal that became a powerful and unifying emblem, which embodies the values ​​and pride of Brittany and its people.

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