Collection: Triskell

THE triskel (or triskele) is a Celtic symbol consisting of three intertwined legs or spirals, which rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. The word "triskell" comes from the Breton "tri" (three) and "skell" (leg).

THE triskel is one of the most recognizable symbols of Breton culture, and it is often used to represent the Brittany and its cultural identity. It is also present in art Celtic wider, and can be seen in objects such as jewelry, sculptures, clothing, flags, coats of arms and monuments and of course stickers

THE triskel can have several meanings, depending on the cultural or personal perspective of the person interpreting it. It can be interpreted as representing the three elements of nature (earth, sea and air), the three stages of life (birth, life and death), the three worlds of Celtic cosmology (the upper world, the terrestrial world and the underworld), or the three main deities of the Celtic pantheon (Taranis, Esus and Toutatis).