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Catalan Donkey Sticker

Catalan Donkey Sticker

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Catalan Donkey Sticker (3 sizes in 4 colors)

A pre-cut sticker with the Donkey, the symbol of the Catalan country

The Catalan donkey, story of a symbol
This pictorial representation is the work of graphic designer Eloi Allegre and dates from the early 2000s. This image aims to provide Catalonia with a symbol of its own, in opposition to the famous Spanish bull. A second version will be released in 2004, the work of Jaume Sala and Alex Ferreiro.

Widely taken up and raised as a standard during the independence demonstrations, the Catalan donkey embodies the character and resistance of the Catalan people. Source

Dimensions: 15cm
The White model is pre-cut without the black background

Catalan Donkey Sticker

Breton manufacturing

Discover our sticker of The Catalan Donkey in front of his flag

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