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Breton Sticker TriGoud'N JIBIDI JIBIDA

Breton Sticker TriGoud'N JIBIDI JIBIDA

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Pre-cut round oval Breton sticker Inwhere Trigoud'N Jibidi Jibida

“Dansou” means “dance” in Breton

Jibidi-Jibaîda is a Breton dance where dancers jump in place with one foot forward and the other backward, alternating with each jump. This is somewhat reminiscent of the posture of the characters in the visual.

The TriGoud'N couple is made up of TriGouden and La TriGoudène, strange hybrid creatures born from the improbable (but nevertheless passionate) union between a young and pretty Bigoudène and a vigorous Triskell who passed by

Made by Daniel Le Faou , Breton artist from Lesconil in Finistère

Breton manufacturing in Cesson Sévigné in Ille et Vilaine

Breton manufacturing

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