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Breton Hermine sticker with Miki Marin

Breton Hermine sticker with Miki Marin

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Breton l'Hermine sticker with Miki Marin

The ermine in Breton Sailor version with his Miki on this Breton sticker, the legendary Miki half cap, without visor to see clearly, without earmuffs to hear better, it is to better seduce you!

To place on all smooth surfaces (vehicles, scooter, refrigerator, computer, diary, etc.).


We like: The originality of the drawing by Jacques Gauvry, decorative artist based in the Côtes d'Armor

Dimensions: 12 x 12 cm - 24 x 24 cm - 60 x 60 cm

(Other dimensions possible on order)

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