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Sticker Hello Biker Breton Flag

Sticker Hello Biker Breton Flag

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Let your passion for motorcycling express itself with our Salute Biker Breton Flag Sticker. This unique sticker captures the spirit of the biker community by depicting a hand giving the iconic biker salute, all overlooked by the beautiful Breton flag in the background.

Main Features :

  • Unique Design: The hand raised to salute, combined with the Breton flag, creates a distinctive design that reflects your love for motorcycling and your attachment to Breton culture.
  • Practical Dimensions: With dimensions of 10 x 6.8 cm, this sticker is ideal to be affixed to your motorcycle, your helmet, your laptop, or any other place where you want to display your passion.

Why choose our Breton Flag Biker Salute Sticker?

  1. Superior Quality: Made with durable materials and high-quality printing for optimal weather resistance.
  2. Express Yourself: Show off your biker identity and your Breton pride wherever you go.
  3. Easy to Apply: The sticker is designed for easy application, with long-lasting adhesion.

Recommended Uses:

  • Motorcycle decoration
  • Helmet customization
  • Laptop accessory
  • Decoration of various objects

Application Instructions:

  1. Clean the application surface.
  2. Carefully remove the protective film from the sticker.
  3. Apply the sticker, smoothing it carefully to avoid air bubbles.

Important note: Make sure the application surface is smooth and clean for optimal adhesion.

Give your motorcycle a touch of personality with the Salute Biker Breton Flag Sticker. Order yours now and proudly display your love for motorcycles and Breton culture!

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