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Metal magnet Breton Woman PowerFul

Metal magnet Breton Woman PowerFul

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The PowerFul Breton Woman metal magnet is a decorative magnet inspired by the famous propaganda poster of Rosie the Riveter, which encouraged women to participate in the war effort during the Second World War.

On this metallic magnet, we can see a Breton woman, dressed in a cape in the colors of the Breton flag, with her fist raised showing her bicep tattooed with a triskell and ready to play her role in the fight for freedom. The design of this magnet is very evocative, and recalls the spirit of solidarity and commitment which marked this period of history. The choice of the Breton woman as the main character also gives a regional and cultural dimension to this product, highlighting the pride and strength of the women of Brittany. The Femme Bretonne PowerFul metal magnet is not only an original decorative object full of character, but it can also be interpreted as a symbol of female emancipation and the importance of women's participation in key moments in history .

On a fridge, a board or other magnetic support, this round metal magnet highlights any type of design. An original decor idea for the home and office.
  • Silver colored metal edges
  • Diameter of 51 mm
  • Composition: metal, aluminum
Round magnet
normal size
unique size 51mm
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