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Nedeleg Laouen Merry Christmas Colorful Mug

Nedeleg Laouen Merry Christmas Colorful Mug

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Nedeleg Laouen Merry Christmas Colorful Mug

Add an explosion of color to your morning routine with our Colorful Nedeleg Laouen Merry Christmas Mug. This ceramic mug offers more than just a container for your coffee or tea - it brings a touch of joy and festivity to every sip.

Main Features :

  • Material: High quality ceramic for added durability.

  • Dimensions: 11 oz mug with a height of 9.6 cm (3.79") and a diameter of 8.3 cm (3.25").

  • Vibrant Design: The rim, interior and handle of the mug are richly colored, creating a striking visual effect. This explosion of color will add a vibrant note to your mug collection.

  • Versatility: Designed to simplify your daily life, this mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. Enjoy your favorite hot drink hassle-free.

  • Nedeleg Laouen Merry Christmas: The festive design on the mug is a celebration of holiday cheer. Treat yourself to a relaxing break while soaking up the joyful spirit of Christmas.

  • Perfect Gift Idea: Whether for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, this colorful mug is the ideal gift to brighten up everyone's mornings.

Transform your coffee or tea ritual into a visual and sensory experience with the Nedeleg Laouen Merry Christmas Colorful Mug. Add a dose of good humor to your mug shelf now.

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