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Saint Patrick Breizh enameled mug

Saint Patrick Breizh enameled mug

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Show your Breton pride and your Saint Patrick spirit with this unique enamel mug!

Perfect for campers and hikers, this mug is lightweight, durable and multifunctional. Use it for your favorite drink or a hot meal, and clip it to your bag for easy access on the go.

This enameled mug is the ideal gift for any fan of Brittany or Saint Patrick's Day!

Features :
Made of sturdy enamel for long-lasting use
Perfect size for a cup of coffee or tea
White coating with silver rim
Handwash only

• Material: enamel
• Dimensions: 8 cm (3.14") in height and 8.25 cm (3.25") in diameter
• White coating with silver rim
• Handwash only

Attention ! Do not heat liquids or food directly in the mug, this may damage the coating.

Warning: The enamel mug may stain when used for certain beverages including coffee, tea and natural juices. This is a normal characteristic of enameled products and not specific to our mug. Due to the rough, porous texture of the enamel, particles from these drinks can easily adhere to the mug, causing stains. Stains can easily be removed by applying lemon juice or baking soda to the stained area and rubbing gently with a stiff sponge.

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